Friday, March 20, 2009

About Us:

Bikers Fraternity is a group of young vibrant bikers who ride their bikes wherever the road leads them, after all the Bikers Fraternity is all about riding for miles in a group. The Bikers Fraternity consists of biker enthusiasts who wouldn't mind riding in any weather and to any place on Earth.

The Bikers Fraternity are ardent riders having similar mindset to overcome obstacles and operational hazards that come their way to achieving Success in their Mission. The rules are pretty clear in the Bikers Fraternity as there are no rules except following traffic rules and the bikers often put their mind and body to test.

We are sure that you come across people who ride to work but most in the Bikers Fraternity Work to Ride! One thing, which is common among most members in the Bikers Fraternity, is that you could bribe them for a Long Ride!!!! [:)]

Two brothers, Sandy & Raul who were highly inspired by the Hollywood flick “Wild Hogs” and an Indian documentary “Bharat Parikrama”, formed the Bikers Fraternity. The duo made their first trip to Pondicherry along with couple of friends. The experience gained, enabled them to make a trip to Yelagiri(a nearby hill station off Vellore) along with parents, thus gaining their confidence. Sandy focused on spearheading a campaign aimed at consolidating all the Gods (Like minded Bajaj Avenger Bikers from different cities and towns) to create a formidable bikers force pan India, whereas Raul started exploring newer frontiers with his new found freedom, soaring to new heights, never before attempted.

On January 2008, they made a trip to Goa from Bangalore at the spur of the moment. The Bikers Fraternity took birth. This became the core principle of the Bikers Fraternity to accomplish the trip, the moment you ever think about it. Each trip was considered as a task. A task that provides great sense of satisfaction of achieving what you dream or think to do! After the successful adventure ride to Goa and back within a span of 48 hours, they promoted the bikers fraternity to other ardent bikers and pillion riders. There is no stopping them. Bikers Fraternity has grown to 27 riders with 4 women pillion riders.

The Bikers Fraternity successfully has completed nine rides viz,. Goa, Tada, Nandi Hills, Waynad, Ooty, Gokarna, Pondicherry, Hampi and recently concluded Valparai ride, since inception.

Forthcoming rides this year would be one to Leh in August 09 and Goa by year end.

All the rides till date with the Bikers Fraternity were full of masti and fun but our recent trip to Valparai was a bit different than our previous rides. From this trip onwards, we intend to spread social awareness like AIDS awareness, Child Education, Environment Protection and so on, among all those we come across in our journey. We invite all those ardent bikers and pillion riders who ride on any bike above the 135cc category with exception to Yamaha models.

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  1. wow! big thumbs up. way to go fellas ;)

  2. buddy ... u seem to be maintaining ur blog well :) saw a few updates in the last few days :) keep it going and all the best for ur future trips