Saturday, April 18, 2009

To TADA through sundown

My first long ride, all the way to Tada, that is something I will remember forever. It was sudden. Rahul called up in the morning saying we were going to ride to Tada, and I was all for it. These are the kind of trips that really make a difference. It doesn't take a lot of planning. Just a sudden desire to be out there in the wild, riding(well for me i was sitting at the back). So we started out, just thefour of us, Sandy, Rauls, Manoj and I. It was about a 2 hour ride allthe way to the Andhra border. There was more of joyful joking with each other, interrupted by a calm silence in which each of us justenjoyed the wind brush past our helmets, where we sat quietly listening to the rumble of the wheels on roads that spanned from tar,to dust, to rock, quietly watching the skies outlined with mountains,drift past, quietly watching the wild with lands that looked deserted and lands that were full of lush green trees. There's nothing more peaceful than a chance to relax at such a sight of nature, and that is what we did on an exciting bike ride. We played, mocked, teased eachother, took snaps and ran out of battery, and yet we did it with asense of duty and cautiousness. Once we reached Tada, we had to go through a rough road with a lot of bumps and ditches, but I loved that. We hiked our way a little way up, fell into water, ran up narrow pathways and had an amazing combination of fresh air and physical workout. Some experiences are better experienced and felt, than explained.This kind of ineffable feeling is something you'll have to realise toreally know. Well, the ride back was just as wonderful. The sun hadset, it was about 7.00 p.m. so the the evening had arrived and it was relatively dark. That in itself was a different experience. We sang songs, talked on about different things in our lives and enjoyed theknowledge that when we got home, we were going to have one amazing night of pleasant, uninterrupted sleep, and it happened!
What can I say, I'm eagerly looking forward to another one of those rides! Each one of them as you guys might have noticed already, is quite different, eventful and exciting!!!! very exciting! The bikers fraternity are not just the regular bikers. They are bikers with a strong motive hidden under a sense of joy and togetherness and that's what makes them one of a kind!

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