Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wayanad Trip, Chaos and lots (2nd day)

A long time has passed since I promised the second part and it could come up only now. I hope ti was worth the wait.

Now to proceed on the Trip to the kallu story:

The kallu was not at the place where I was thinking it to be. The cousin of mine was to take me to a friends place where it would be made available. It was dark already and in places like Wayanad, once sun sets it really is dark in the absence of street lamps. So we set out through the narrow winding roads for the kallu. My cousins being locals cruised through the road with the ease of riding on a plane highway, but we (at least I) found it difficult to keep up with the pace. On the way we had to stop for getting the side dishes for the kallu. All of us being big time beefitarians, we bought some nice beef fry. This is when Pavan's bike started giving trouble again. We had to take a stop and my cousin and I along with Pavan went back to the nearest bike station to get things ready. In the meantime, guys who were waiting for us had started feeling hungry and started having some snacks from one of the road side shops. We got the bike set and got back with them. We continued on our journey.

It took us around 20 to 30 minutes to reach another cousin's place which was close to where we were to get the kallu. We spent a few minutes there before proceeding further. It was around 9 PM when we left this place. It is then that we noticed that the beef was missing. Everyone who had ever been holding the packets kept on wondering where he placed it. It finally came to Raul and the link broke there. No one had got the packet from him. After wasting a considerable amount of time wondering where it went Raul remembered that he had placed it down while having snacks earlier. Two guys rushed back to the spot to get it while the rest of us moved to the spot where we were to have kallu.

We were passing through a field and we were expecting to need to go further, but we came to a stop all of a sudden over a small bridge over a stream passing through the field. We were under the sky, with the stars and moon to give us light. We waited there while my cousin (Mejo) went to get the kallu. The rest of us were waiting there spellbound by the ambiance of our very own place under the sky to have kallu and enjoy. We did not have to wait too long for the kallu to arrive and everyone jumped immediately, many of us had only heard about it. The guys who had gone for checking the beef found it exactly where it was left and joined us almost as soon as we started. We were having a nice time drinking, eating and talking aloud with no one to worry about. with only fields surrounding us for most of the distance we could see. Unfortunately the beef got over even before I could have enough of it. [:(] All the greedy fellows finished as if they had never seen beef before. And the kallu got over a bit too soon as well. There might have been around 5 liters, but well, that's just 5 liters among 10 people. We were not satisfied. Well, what could we do, we were done. But how could we be done with the fun :D

While washing the kallu container, someone noticed that under the moonlight the water from the stream (which was a bit murky) looked exactly the color of kallu and decided to fool anyone who did not notice this. So, all of a sudden we have more kallu, actually more than the first round. Manoj who really liked the drink happened to be really greedy. To enact the exact seen:

Its announced that we have more kallu.

Manoj: Hey guys, I'll have the whole of it, the first sip..

Others: You have it man, I'm already full.

Manoj: Sure, can I directly dip and drink?

Raul: Sure man, go ahead.

Manoj: You don't mind na?

Raul: Go ahead.

Everyone: MANOJ!!!! MANOJ!!! MANOJ!!!!

Manoj takes a plunge into the container
Manoj: phrrrrrrphrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... *spit *spit phrrrrrrrrrphrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... what was that... :O :O :O

Everyone else: ROTFLMAO..

Now that was not exactly a pleasant prank, but it was really funny at the moment. Manoj's expression kept changing with every additional detail that others added on to the quality of the water. Well, he did get over it. Now it was time to get back to our room and take rest because we had to start early the next day. The day was over, and so was most of the fun and adventure.


Once out of the field, we actually realized that we were left with almost no money. Not even enough to pay for our rooming. Luckily we found it out in good enough time to be able to borrow it from my cousin. We then went to the lodge where we were put up, to find the door to be locked. Out here the day ends early and it was already midnight. The guys might have given up any hope of our coming back. We had to wait for a considerable while to get them openEd the door. By the time we reached our room we were so tired, almost everyone slept off immediately. Space was not a problem because everyone was too tired and most of us woke up with some under or over them (or their legs or arms). I take no moral responsibility for anyone having fiery imaginations about the above statement

We had to wake up early in the morning as if we had to spot any wild animals on the way back to Bangalore, we had to move early. Some among us were lucky enough and awake enough to take care of their nature calls and morning chores before getting back on the road. Rest of us had to keep it for the way. We decided to take a road that was mostly abandoned as I had heard that the chances of spotting wild animals were higher around there. And from here began a second round of adventures.

As we started... na na na... you have to wait... but unlike last time, it'll happen earlier this time.

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